Babu’s Lekkie

You will LOVE your Lekkie bike and will want to ride it all the time

What made you decide to build a Lekkie bike?
Sometime in 2012 my partner and I got a second hand electric Yuba Mundo. Having an electric bike, which could carry up to 200kg, was life-changing. Our cargo bike became our car, and we’d fight over who would get to use it, on the days we didn’t have the same destination. Travelling together on it was a new fun thing to do together, and running errands took a whole new dimension.

We soon noticed however, that it would be great to have a more powerful motor, in particular for going uphill. This is when we started looking into the Lekkie kits.

What bike did you choose and why?
We chose the Yuba Mundo because it seemed to be solid and would be able to replace our car. I also really loved the look of it.

What system did you choose and why?
We chose the Lekkie summit kit, so that the rides up our steep driveway would be a breeze.

Where did you have it installed?
Good Rotations Bicycle Shop in Wanaka… of course (my partner and I opened this bike shop to sell cargo-bikes and electric bikes and kits a year after we purchased the Yuba Mundo!!)

What modifications or accessories have you added to your bike?
We upgraded the brakes to Avid cable discs for better stopping power and added a classic Brooks seat and a pair of balloon white tires.

The bike came with a big pannier which I still use on one size, and every now and then I simply screw a big home-made ply box on the other side, to carry garden tools, compost and veggies to/from the communal garden I am part of.

How has the Lekkie bike changed your life?
Totally. We’ve got a few hills in town, and I would simply not take my regular bike to do the weekly grocery shopping, or on windy days, I used to reach for the car keys. Now, it really has to be raining sideways for me not to use my Lekkie bike!

As mentioned above, our Lekkie bike has also inspired us to open a bike shop in order to promote this revolutionary mode of transport! And we love our new occupation!

What is the most interesting moment you have had as a Lekkie bike owner?
One day, we had a puncture on our car, and discovered that the spare tire was deflated. So I strapped the car tire to my Lekkie bike and brought it to a tire place to have it repaired… they couldn’t believe their eyes!

What comments do you have for people considering creating a Lekkie bike?
You will LOVE your Lekkie bike and will want to ride it all the time. While you can fit a Lekkie kit to all sorts of bicycles, if you start with a decent bike you’ll enjoy it so much more.

  • November 20, 2014
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