Rorys Lekkie

The powerful workhorse that I needed.

What made you decide to build a Lekkie bike?

I had been immediately convinced of electric bikes after trying one, but spent a long time looking for the perfect bike as it was a big investment for me as a student. I was not completely satisfied with the ebikes I had tested: there were a number of bikes which met my requirements for power and range but weren’t aesthetically what I was after, as well as many which were very nice looking but which didn’t have adequate specs. I had not been looking very seriously at electric kits as I didn’t already have a bike that I really liked, so thought buying a bike plus kit would be too expensive.
When I saw Pilen road bike with a Lekkie kit on it i was over the moon! The thing was beautiful, but was also the powerful workhorse that I needed. I was instantly sold on it. I spent more than I intended but it was worth every dollar.

What bike did you choose and why?

I chose a Pilen Sport, which was a slightly sportier model than what I initially saw on display in the bike shop. It is a timeless European design, made to last forever, and is fast with outstanding components. The bike shop had them in stock so I was able to ride it before buying which is obviously essential for a bike, and they were confident it was sturdy enough and appropriate to handle the Lekkie system, which was a big part of my decision.

What system did you choose and why?

I chose the Lekkie summit as my bike had internal gears in the rear hub so I was restricted to getting a crank drive system.

Where did you have it installed?

Bicycle Junction in Newtown! The best bike shop in the world!

What modifications or accessories have you added to your bike?

I’ve added a wooden box, which I chuck on to the carrier when going to work and can carry all the gardening equipment that I need! Weight is not a problem so I cram lots in.

How has the Lekkie bike changed your life?

The way I see it is that it turns riding in a New Zealand city (Wellington for me), into riding in a European city. It takes the decision making out of riding a bike; I can just ride everywhere in the city as time is never an issue, and more importantly I don’t get sweaty! I can also carry a lot of stuff, and I don’t produce any carbon emissions like I used to on a motorized scooter. It also means I get to just ride a bike everyday, which is one of my favorite things to do.
The safety element is also worth noting; by having extra acceleration and speed, I feel more safer confident on the road.

What is the most interesting moment you have had as a Lekkie bike owner?

The many times that people stare at me riding 45kmh along the flat in utter confusion. And the time some boy racers in a lowered Skyline pulled up next to me at the lights and were completely geeking out over how cool the bike was and how fast it went.

What comments do you have for people considering creating a Lekkie bike?

Just ride one and you will be convinced. It is the cheapest, easiest, most enjoyable way to travel in a city.




  • August 28, 2014
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