Electric bikes are being hailed as the greatest revolution in transport since the automobile. The consensus is, it just makes sense.
There are so many benefits to riding an electric bike as they conveniently bypass many of the painful parts of conventional transport.

No drivers license, registration or insurance required.
Cost about 15 cents to charge, that’s about 0.5 cents per kilometer.
Can be used on bike trails and to cut through parks.
Lighter, cleaner and more reliable than gas powered vehicles.
Can keep it in your house or office.
Arrive at work not sweaty.
Wear normal clothes on your bike.
You can expect to save about $2500 a year by not running a car.
Easily avoid and skip through congested traffic areas.
Environmentally friendly.
Often the fastest way to get to work.
A great rehabilitation device.
Easy to use with public transportation like buses and trains.
Provides an opportunity to exercise and have fun.
Helps you get in touch with your community and become more social.

The other huge benefit is electric bikes bring freedom. People of all fitness levels can ride an electric bike and journey to the places they want. For a lot of people it is like winding back the clock 20 years. They find a new level of freedom to adventure as they once did.