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Crank Arm Set$50.00 inc GST
Chain Guard$16.00 inc GST
Drive Ring$40.00 inc GST
Replacement Charger$110.00 inc GST
Tektro E-350 E-Brakes$400.00 inc GST
Lock Rings$16.00 inc GST
Summit Battery Cradle$50.00 inc GST
Loom Extension 30cm$20.00 inc GST
Shift / Stop Button$16.00 inc GST
Speed Sensor Extension$20.00$36.00 inc GST
USB Front Light$50.00 inc GST
Throttle$30.00 inc GST
3 Pin Extension$16.00$26.00 inc GST
Lekkie Summit Display$125.00 inc GST
Replacement Main Loom$30.00 inc GST
Lekkie Bling Ring HD$78.00$175.00 inc GST
Chainring Spacers$8.00 inc GST
Replacement Controller$180.00$220.00 inc GST
Bafang Speed Sensor$30.00 inc GST
Installation and Mainatance Tool Set$70.00$85.00 inc GST
Lekkie Buzz Bar Cranks$180.00$195.00 inc GST
Motor axle seal$10.00 inc GST
Axle extension upgrade$180.00 inc GST
Bafang Motor Rotor$140.00 inc GST
Gear Sensor Splitter$36.00 inc GST
Gear Shift Sensor$50.00 inc GST
Lekkie T-Shirt$40.00 inc GST
Replacement Key and Barrel$15.00$20.00 inc GST
Bafang BB Spacer Set$17.50 inc GST
Lekkie Stitch Hoodie$80.00 inc GST
Lekkie Sunglasses$24.00 inc GST
Lighting Loom$30.00 inc GST
Lekkie Lighting Kit$120.00 inc GST
Replacement Key$20.00 inc GST
Lekkie Bling Ring Standard$70.00$143.00 inc GST
Lekkie Front Light$65.00 inc GST
Lekkie Rear Light$30.00 inc GST