Pauls Lekkie

Handy Commuter What made you decide to build a Lekkie bike? I’ve been commuting 16km from Petone to Wellington for about 10 years – and was getting a bit bored and slow – it was becoming a trudge. I found myself catching the train or bus a lot. I got a late season 26in wheel

Marions Lekkie

Step Through Conversion What made you decide to build a Lekkie bike? I needed a new bike to suit my lifestyle better than my current Dawes hybrid. The Dawes has drop handlebars and a cross bar, and has been a wonderful bike for 12 years. I ride a lot, but found I was choosing to

Irene’s Lekkie

Power and practicality. What made you decide to build a Lekkie bike? Fell in love with this lovely blue and orange cargo bike. A Bicicapace from Bicycle Junction. I used to ride a bike and biking reminds of summer on a sunny day. Brings back feelings of youth and freedom. Riding round Wellington is dangerous and though functional this bike is heavy. As I have biked in Wellington in my youth I don’t need the challenges of the hills and wind so decided the only option was to get the bike of my dreams fitted with an electric motor. The cargo bike is big, bold and colourful.  Makes me feel visible. The basket is fantastic. Carries 35 kg so means I can use it for groceries. Practical. My dream is to bike to the beach in summer and go snorkeling. Fits all my gear.  What system did you choose and why? Lekkie Summit. The system was chosen for me as it had to fit the bikes structure Where did you have it installed? It was fitted at Bicycle Junction in Newtown What modifications or accessories have you added to your bike? To the bike I have added a mirror. To me, I insist on wearing a frock.  ’Frocks on Bikes’ How has the

Rorys Lekkie

The powerful workhorse that I needed. What made you decide to build a Lekkie bike? I had been immediately convinced of electric bikes after trying one, but spent a long time looking for the perfect bike as it was a big investment for me as a student. I was not completely satisfied with the ebikes

Nicks Lekkie

I confess to not expecting much – how can a mere 300w be fun?A couple of months ago I was in the Upper Hutt Cycle Centre, trying to source some brake pads for my grandson’s mountain bike. Despite being fitted to an off-the-shelf Trek MTB purchased locally, the pads seem to be a rarity, being

Babu’s Lekkie

You will LOVE your Lekkie bike and will want to ride it all the timeWhat made you decide to build a Lekkie bike? Sometime in 2012 my partner and I got a second hand electric Yuba Mundo. Having an electric bike, which could carry up to 200kg, was life-changing. Our cargo bike became our car,