EV Bike

EV Bike

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The EVBIKE project started in 2010 when several of our leaders joined and said that the electrification of ordinary bicycles is something we have personally close to, it makes sense to us and it could also be a future customer. At that time, almost no rebuilding kits were available in the Czech Republic. We had nothing to turn away from and it was paradoxically the best for future development.

Due to our long experience in importing goods from all over the world, we have decided to reach out to several European and Asian companies. Our first visit led to Asia, where we met with several future suppliers. A huge advantage in the negotiations was that one of our owners controlled the language of the People’s Republic of China. Well, how did the project go on? Since 2016 we have been the largest retailer of EVBIKE redevelopment centers in Europe.

This year, we have expanded our portfolio to include new battery models with higher capacities that range up to 180 km and capacity up to 20 Ah. We plan to open the first EVBIKE showroom and we are going to launch a new range of electromechanics under the GEOMY brand, which will offer mountain, city, trekking and folding electrified bikes. We even managed to build one of the smallest electrics in the world. We are a young team of enthusiastic people who have great plans and ambitions in the future.


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