Get Fixed Bicycles

Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe

16 Parumoana St


Porirua 5022


04 233 0660

[email protected]


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We’ve been in business since 2011 and we are convinced that the goal of every business is to give their customers what they ask for and enrich the communities they are a part of.

We are passionate about saving the planet by getting more people on bikes. ​True success comes when people are given the tools necessary to own their own destiny and the education necessary to be self reliant.

We want to make riding a bike easy and affordable and mostly, we want to see more people riding bikes in and around Porirua by providing top quality, affordable servicing and products. Ours is a bespoke, artisan service with the personal touch. Along with our bike servicing and repairs, we offer EBike conversions. With the huge spike in EBike usage globally, our fully fitted electric kits have proved incredibly popular as they provide a quality, easy and cost effective solution for those wanting some pedal assistance.

Porirua is a great city, and it’s only getting better. So in everything we do, we’re all about supporting our local community. ‘Go by Bike’ days, ‘Green Bike Days’, free fix up days, school galas, local events – we out there amongst it – giving back to the people we love the most. Need sponsorship? Hit us up and we’ll see what we can do! Our cafe based on Porirua’s beautiful Harbours’ Edge is the heart and soul of Porirua and a real community hub for many individuals and groups.


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