A chance to ride past the gas pumps, to explore, to reach the summit, to be part of community, to start a change that our children will want to inherit, a cleaner more in-tune future.

The Lekkie story begun in 2008 when industrial designer Daryl Neal decided there must be a better way than the car for moving his young sons up the steep hill to their home.

Unable to pedal his sons up the hill on his regular bike, he researched non petrol propulsion options. He soon tapped into the small but emerging underground culture of electric bike building. Importing clunky, heavy and complicated parts he built his first electric cargo bike. An immediate success, the word got around about this magic bike. Soon he was building bikes for many people.

Daryl started a conversion company EVLAB. During 5 years of building bikes he learned everything that was not cool about available components and set out to develop a plug and play system that any bike shop could install, that was reliable, light weight and good looking. Along this path he made personal relationships with the largest motor and battery suppliers in china and teamed up to develop better systems.

The name Lekkie, is what Daryl’s two young boys called the electric bike when they were to young to say electric. “Can we take the Lekkie bike Papa?”

And so Lekkie was born.